Juke Box

Don’t make your callers listen to the same tune every time they call you! Whenever you activate an additional song, you have the option to add the new song to your Juke Box. Each time you receive a call, songs in your Juke Box will play randomly.

Regular Hello Tune charges will apply for each song you activate.

Gift Tune

You can gift any song as a Hello Tune or Dial Tune to anyone you like. Just select the preferred tune, select the ‘Gift’ option and enter the recipients mobile number. The recipient will have the option to accept or reject the tune.

Regular Hello Tune or Dial Tune tariff will be charged from the gifting party.

Set a Tune for Caller

You have the option to assign a Hello Tune for a specific caller only.

Once set, the Tune will only be heard by the caller that you have assigned.

Regular Hello Tune charges will apply.

Star Copy

When you call any Hutch customer that has activated a Hello Tune, and want to activate the same song as your Hello Tune, just press the Star (*) key to copy! You will receive a confirmation SMS.

Regular Hello Tune charges apply.