Hutch CRBT


Juke Box
This feature enables a subscriber to add an unlimited number of Hello Tunes/Dial Tune to his/ her Juke Box which would play each tune in shuffle mode. The Tunes which are added to the Juke Box will be charged according to which category the selected tune belongs to (Premium or Non Premium). If a customer who had activated a Tune Pack in turn would enable the Juke box feature, his/ her Tune Pack will be disabled. SMS - type GET and send to 369
Gift Tune
The Gift Tune option offers a subscriber to gift a Hello Tune/Dial Tune to a friend or loved one via the IVR and will be charged for the Tune which had been gifted.
Set a Tune for Caller
This feature offers subscribers to dedicate a Hello Tune of their preference for a specific Number. Once the Tune is selected all you need to do is enter the mobile number of the recipient and dedicate the song, following which the dedicated Hello Tune will play when the assigned recipient would call the Subscriber. One Hello Tune can be assigned to any amount of contacts as preferred.
Tune by ID
This feature makes it available for subscribers to select a tune by the respective Hello Tune ID and activate it via IVR or SMS by typing HT ( TUNE ID) and SMS to 369.
Copy a Tune
The copy tune feature allows subscribers to activate any Hello Tune which they may hear on any one of their friends or loved ones Hutch number by pressing the star key (*). If in any case the tune heard has already been copied and is been used by the subscriber he/she will not be able to copy the tune again.
With this feature a subscriber will be able to directly dial and activate his/ her favorite tune by just dialing 369 in front of the desired tune ID.
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